My First Day at Avocado Desserts

My first day at Avocado Desserts took place in a kitchen situated right off Avenue De Lorimier, a short bus ride from the Plateau. The kitchen is home to Velish Juice, a local juice company that uses a hydraulic juice press to maximize the yield of vitamins and micronutrients from the fruit.

It was a sunny Saturday and I arrived at 10am and found Chloe, founder of Avocado Desserts, and Elizabeth, the pastry chef, already at work. I promptly started off my day at the counter top where I was responsible to cut the lady fingers for the tiramisu.

The cream of the tiramisu, composed of avocado, ricotta and a honey meringue had already been prepared and ready to be carefully pipped into the cups. As I drenched the lady finger in the fresh expresso solution Chloe and I carefully placed them on the green fluffy cream. The second layer of cream was carefully poured and voila! 50 hand-made tiramisus were ready to go in the fridge.

After successfully making the tiramisus, the owner of the kitchen offered us 4 colorful bottles of their Velish Juice, and we offered her some tiramisu; a powerful exchange of wholesome products.

With break time over, we went back to the cutting board to make the truffles. The dozen avocados had been carefully selected as each that I sliced open was bright green and creamy. Next, the dark chocolate chips were melted, dates were grounded and combined with the avocado, the chocolate was poured and created a shiny brown mixture. Our toppings for that day were coconut matcha and peanuts. What surprised me the most in this preparation was the freshness of the ingredients, and the absence of granulated sugar or butter in the recipe.

While Elizabeth and I were weighing, rolling, and coating each truffle, I was curious to learn what had brought her into the food business. Surprisingly, she had a first degree in accounting from Concordia and had exercised the discipline at a few businesses. But her passion for pastries brought her out of the office to the kitchen. Consequently, she had decided to follow a pastry chef education and career! Like me, working for Avocado Desserts is aligned with her ideology. Working toward making delicious and healthy desserts accessible to Montrealers by using creativity and wholesome ingredients.

I am hungry for more days like these where I can be inspired by people like Chloe and Elizabeth (and hungry, of course, for more desserts!)

I finally made peace with desserts.

By: Bianca Løge

Avocado Desserts